Mulholland Drive

David Lynch

IMDb: 7,9

SMDb: 7,5


There are 2 parts in the movie which consist some themes and characters in common. For the analysis, the movie can be interpreted as a dream cycle or parallel universes. There are various interpretations about one of the parts being a dream of a player. It is “a love story in the city of dreams” as David lynch says. On the other hand, same symbols and intersections may make you think that the main concept was parallel universes. Even if there can be so many scenes to analyze, maybe “No hay banda (There is no band.).”  as one illustrator said in the movie. All the events may be an illusion. Why are we so obsessed with reality? Why all the interpretations focus on the reality and dream? What is reality anyways? In my point of view, reality of scenes does not matter. What matter is how we see and interpret them. Purpose of this movie is probably neither giving a message about the dreams nor parallel universes.

Even if you think there were not many messages, you will probably find yourself interpreting some scenes and the characters.  The blue key, the money (50.000$), Winkey’s (the cafe), the forest where accident happens and much more connections between 2 parts. There should be something, right? Well, the meaning you give to this movie depends on your perspective. What kind of detective are you? Since I do not want to give some spoilers, I will discuss the rest in the next part.

  • I would highly recommend to this movie to the ones who like open-ended movies. If you want to dig into the movie or you like watching a movie for details regardless of the whole meaning, it can be a right choice.
  • I would not recommend this movie to the ones who do not like uncertainties. If you do not like open endings it can be a wrong choice for you.


Dream concept

The event stream makes more sense when one of the parts is thought as a dream. Some scenes in the movie seem unrelated and it reminds of dreams. While some of the critics interpret the first part as Rita’s dream, others think that it is a dream of Diane. If one of the parts is dream, it seems like the first part and the Diane’s dream to me.

The Betty character in the first part is like the ideal self of Diane. She is optimistic and successful. On the other hand, Diane is not happy neither in career life nor private life.

 Adam is director and almost same in both parts except being in love with Camilla (Rita in the first part is a successful actor in the second part, replacing Camilla) in the second part.

Rita is the one who betrayed Diane in real life (second part), but she is living with Betty and probably love her in the dream (first part).

There are a lot more reflections which may be mentioned here such as Diane’s aunt being dead in real life but moving out in the first part, 50.000 $ which Diane gave the hit man to kill Camilla but surprisingly being in the Rita’s bag in the dream, blue key which is also related to Camilla’s death in the real life but unexpectedly being in the bag of Rita. There can be found more reflections here, but I will leave the rest for your imagination.

Parallel Universes

There can be multi-parallel universes in the movie. The time concept is intertwined in the movie. When did the accident happen? Did it happen? When did Diane’s die? There are so many questions here. However, the main point is the related points to me.

There are same places such as the place where accident happen, the aunt’s house, Diane’s house, the Winkey’s.

There is a bisexual relationship between Betty and Rita in the first part; Diane and Camille (Rita’s new version) in the second part. These women come together somehow. (Other than that, in first part Diane was still there as another individual who committed suicide and Camille was a successful actor mostly unrelated to the event stream; in the second part Camille -not Rita but the woman who was also Camille in the first part- was also there, in the party.)

Adam is director in both parts. He was forced to choose Camille as an actor in the first part, but he was in love with her in the second part.

Those intersections some of which I mentioned made me think that there is determinism somehow. Even if people and actors are not exactly same, there are some similarities.

No hay banda

Until now, I have been discussing the possible interpretations. However, maybe there were no band. All of these were illusions in Diane’s mind. Reality and dreams were intertwined. We do not necessarily find a meaning at all. This movie can be viewed like a dream which bothers you when you remember in the morning. It may consist a lot of pieces from your subconscious, but you cannot evaluate this dream meaningful. Maybe you here the song, but there is no band.

I can interpret this movie in pages, a lot of detail in the movie can be viewed. But I will leave the rest for you. I hope you enjoy the movie and my review!


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