Chloé Zhao


SMDb (Sinem Movie Databese): 7

“I am not homeless; I am just houseless.”

After 2008, so many people suffered from the financial crisis caused by the United States housing bubble. Risk appetite of banks and housing bubble were not a good combination for financial system. It not only affected financial markets, but the effects of this crisis were very large scale around the world. The people who hit the most from this crisis were those who belonging to middle age or upper age group. When they wanted to retire, they had some troubles with their rights. Nomadland is a story of a middle-aged woman who lost her husband and her job after the 2008 financial crisis.

The prices of housing were increasing a lot and after all, people started to see their home as a “real estate” -a house- rather than “home”.  When people started to lose their houses, they were called homeless. However, home was not a term for a real estate. It was the place people belong to. Fern was aware of it and all her efforts were not to have a house but to have a home. She was detached after the death of her husband and this detachment was too distractive. Being nomad may be physically okay, however people were detached without the feeling home.

“It is strange that you encourage people to invest their whole life savings, go into debt just to buy a house they can afford.”

Fern was angry with the social order; she was aware of the vacuity of spending whole life to buy a house. It is really strange that most of us are still in this trap.

Another character in the movie, Bob Wells character emphasizes the meaningless of spending whole life with working: “I think there is an analogy as a workhorse. The workhorse that is willing to work itself to death. And then be put out to pasture. And that’s what happened to so many of us”. Do we want to be workhorses and work ourselves to death?

This movie not only focuses on the economic and politic issues, but it also emphasizes the intensity and consequences of losses. Losses were in 2 area in this movie. Main character, Fern, lost both her job and her husband.

Death was not considered as the end of life in this movie. Fern thought that “What’s remembered lives” as her dad once said.

Bob Wells says that “The things I love most about this life is there is no final goodbye.” There is really no final goodbye. Maybe it makes life easier. We are all on the way, we are all “nomads” in this life. If you lost your loved ones, do not worry. You may see them down the road.

Dedicated to the ones who had to depart. See you down the road”

  • I would recommend this movie to the ones who are curious about the effects of an economic crisis and nomadic life.
  • I would not recommend this movie to ones who get bored easily (If you watch the movie with becoming aware of the scenes you will not get bored by the way).

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