L’incredibile storia dell’Isola delle Rose (Rose Island)

Director: Sydney Sibilia

IMDb: 7/10

SMDb (Sinem Movie Databese): 7,5/10

This movie is based on a real story (1968, Italy)! In my point of view this is the most remarkable feature of a movie. Fiction may gather attention at first glance. On the other hand, if it is related to real-life the effects will be more in the long-term. That is probably why Black Mirror sounds interesting.  

It is a movie of a free soul! Giorgio Rosa is an engineer who is bored of social rules that do not make sense. Why could not he use his own car or own plane if he created it himself? Even if he is a creative engineer who makes his own devices, his work was never approved by his family or his (ex) girlfriend Gabriella who is a lecturer in law faculty. Maybe, she is the character who represents the societal rules as a lawyer. In that case, she may also represent the societal norms – Social norms are defined as commonly accepted and applied behaviors by a group or society. Even if there are not formally imposed laws, people in the society mostly accept these rules*-.  The reason behind avoid the relationship with Giorgio is probably societal norms. What will people say if she dates with him?

Even Gabriella was stuck with norms and rules, she was the one who cause the idea of “Republic of Rose Island”. She motivated Giorgio to have his “own world” with this conversation:

Gabriella: Giorgio you live your own world.

Giorgio: But you like that.

Gabriella: No… Because while you live in your little world, you forget this world is not yours. You did not build it…

Okay, if it is the problem, then he could build his own world without considering other’s rules and norms. Why not? He was a person who can think separately from the societal norms and decide his own right.

After all, he built his own republic with help of some friends. This was overreaching! However, in such a world which is built on rules, it is not that easy to keep your own values alive regardless of other great powers.

I would highly recommend this movie to ones who are open-minded and/or obsessed with independence.

I would not recommend this movie to ones who like to be a part of the society and obey the rules without considering his/her own rights.

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