Doing What you Already Love or Loving Your Job Later

Loving your job. Work-life.

According to TURKSTAT (Turkish Statistical Institute) unemployment rate realized as 12.7% in the period of September 2020 in Turkey. More interestingly, labor force participation rate realized as 50.5% in the same period which means that the rest (49.5%) were not even looking for a job*. This low participation rate may signal to some huge problems such as working informally which may consist inhuman conditions or desperation (Even if some people need job, they lack hope to have a job). Why people are desperate about having an adequate job even if some of them are well-qualified? Statistics show a qualitative data. However, how many of employed people have their “dream job”? If you live in a developing country, do you have a right to do the job you love? Or, at some point do you need to love the job after you have it?

Even if our dreams and plans help us organize our lives, dreams do not usually come true. They change and they are regulated at some points regarding to life conditions. “Dream job” is a concept which is revisited too many times in our lives. It will probably not possible to do the job you love if you do not change your dreams at some point. Probably, you will love most parts of your job after you start to work. Let me explain why you love your job later:

  1. Your educational background will guide your goals. Most of the children dream to have a job which seems powerful to them such as police or pilot. Lately, they differ and dream to be a teacher, lawyer, doctor. When teenagers start a specialized ungraduated degree, their dreams become more specific such as being academician in faculty of social sciences, divorce lawyer, cardiologist. After all these specializations (maybe after postgraduate degree) people decide what they really want with some changes. Sometimes, people change their direction at all after bachelor’s degree too (This can be any time in life).
  2. Life conditions have a substantial impact on your options. Popular jobs always change. You need to adapt your qualifications to the work environment with respect to emerging, altering and disappearing job positions. On the other hand, it may be difficult to have a job match which is appropriate to your qualifications.  It may be even harder for the ones who live in developing countries.
  3. People change! We belong to a chaotic universe. Routine works are not working for most of us. Even if we start the job we used to love, it may be boring for us lately.
  4. Money issues! If our loved jobs are not profitable enough, we must look for other options to continue our life.

Make a long story short, it does not seem realistic to have your “dream job”. However, it seems crucial to love the job you spend almost 5 days/40 hours of your life.  Maybe we could love the job after we start to work. Can we?


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