Erasmus+ in COVID19 Time -My Experiences-

Was that totally a disappointment?


If you knew that there will be a pandemic, would you join this program?

Absolutely yes.

I have been in Bratislava between 02.02.2020 and 22.04.2020 for Erasmus+ exchange program. I could give 1 year of my life to live these 80 days again. Even if it is not possible to mention all those memories, let me tell you briefly what happened.

This was the first day of the University. We were beyond excited, trying to select our courses with other Turkish friends.

First Day of the University

This was the day we won as a Turkish team with representing our culture in the event International Study Abroad Fair.

International Study Abroad Fair in EUBA

I have been in Prague and Budapest with the Erasmus team, these trips were the most memorable ones in my whole life!

This train trip (Slovakia-Budapest) was the best trip I have had in my whole life. It was also the time I met my best foreigner friends!

Best Train Trip

Then, pandemic started… While I was in dormitory and resting, I heart some screams and music sound. What was that? Normally, it was the quietest dormitory in the world. I was shocked, and I did not understand what was happening. They were saying each other: “Dobrý” and “Dobre”. Lately I learnt that it was a word for greeting. It was the day, I joined first and only one Slovak party of my life.

Best Slovak People

This day was the day government decided to cancel face-to-face education for 2 weeks. The celebration was for this holiday! Who would know it will take more than 2 weeks…Then, there were more restrictions. We were not even allowed to meet with a group or travel. Then I thought, it could be an opportunity to explore the city. Even if stores and restaurants were closed, Danube River, Bratislava castle, Slavìn, Devìn Castle and nature were right there!

The pandemic got serious and everybody started to go back their hometown. I was disappointed about my Erasmus. Why every good thing had to last in very short time? I came home with a heavy heart.

There was a point I missed in those days with all the complex emotions I felt and uncertainties I coped with. The life was more than sum of the “bad” and “good” experiences.  Memories were not purely good or bad anyways. I learnt a lot from all my experience. I laughed, I cried, I lived. That is life.

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