Why You Should Join an Erasmus+ Exchange Program?

“Erasmus+ exchange program is not a one-period experience, it is lifelong!”

Erasmus+ helps you gain a holistic view. Being in a multicultural environment, living abroad for one period in your early adulthood may be so influential for you. How could it possible affect your life?

  1. You will get used to living with diversity. So that, you can be more successful in your work life and social life. Respecting other thoughts and being comfortable with diversity may provide you a bench of opportunities in your country and all around the world!
  2. You will feel more confident. Living abroad alone for one period at an early age gives you so many responsibilities. Coming through all those tough tasks may help you feel more confident in daily tasks you face.
  3. You will improve your language skills. Even if you had a language education and you think you are good at it, using foreign language in daily life may be the best option to improve your proficiency.
  4. You will have connections all over the world. You will have foreign friends and you will share your best experiences with them (So many memories to mention when you meet!).
  5. You will travel a lot. It is a period you could both study and have fun! You may travel in this semester more than any period of your life! Maybe it could be a starting point for a traveler.
  6. It will be so fun! Erasmus is a particular experience that you will remember all the time. The most exciting, funny, pleasing, even fearful experiences of your life will probably be in this period.

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